Vision, Mission ap

Our Mission

Bring together key actors and partners to humanize globalization and formulate practical recommendations for its realization.

The first Zermatt Summit in 2010 quickly demonstrated its importance as a place for people to learn to understand the systemic nature of the current economic turmoil. Our mission continues to serve as the platform of reference for key actors and partners to collaborate on innovative models for sustainable growth, increased human welfare and the common good.

Our Purpose

Globalization’s rapid and unregulated progression poses systemic difficulties which require immediate attention and action. Our aim is to conceive and implement innovative processes and solutions for a stable foundation whose responsible leadership meets economic, financial and human needs.

Our Goals

We aim to inspire and equip an emerging generation of leaders who share our vision and values so that they may implement key recommendations from the Zermatt Summit over the next five years through a number of selected projects.

Our Values

  • The Human Being
  • Sense of Reality
  • Respect of Oneself and of Others
  • Respect for the Plant
  • Respect for Diverse Opinions
  • Accountability
  • Sustainibility
  • Courage
  • Keeping Your Word (Trustworthiness)
  • Responsablity
  • Moral Strength