Vision, Mission


Our mission is to be an international platform of reference bringing together key stakeholders for the purpose of ensuring more humanity into the process of globalization and making practical recommendations to leaders for an economy serving the human person and the Common Good.

Our goals

  • to inspire, connect and empower high profile entrepreneurs, economists, political leaders, NGO representatives & spiritual leaders who strive to be catalysts of a more inclusive and human globalization
  • to engage a new generation of leaders
  • to select and follow-up pilot projects
  • to encourage the implementation of the Zermatt Summit recommendations contained in the Zermatt Summit Declaration on the Common Good and Manifesto


INSPIRED BY Blueprint for Better Business – UK

  • Value of people dignity of the human person
  • Common Good remaining at the service of the human being ever level
  • Solidarity and Fairness other people matter
  • Subsidiarity & Accountability freedom with responsibility
  • Courage provide moral strength
  • Sustainability stewardship of people, values and resources
  • Creativity man and his potential