Zermatt Summit Foundation

A not for profit foundation dedicated to Humanizing Globalization for business leaders, senior policy makers and NGOs driving the concepts of finance serving the economy, economy serving the common good and the common good serving the human being.

Globalization with humanity

The process of globalization has raised major economic and ethical issues

Globalization’s rapid advance has created problems of both a systemic and individual nature. At the systemic level, there is no longer any question that the world of high finance has become disconnected from the real economy. The economy does not advance the common good nor does it adequately integrate the dignity of individual citizens. At the individual level, each is confronted with an increasing number of ethical dilemma to which there is simply no obvious answer.

The Zermatt Summit is a platform for men and women who share the conviction that a fairer form of globalization exists. Leaders from business, government, NGOs, professional associations and the arts gather to assess the current state of globalization and its impact on the common good. Discussions seek to change “hearts and minds” with the goal of establishing a more humane globalization.

Global summit to return the individual to the center of globalization

The objective of the Zermatt Summit is to formulate a roadmap to better navigate the troubles currently facing mankind and ultimately create a better world through discussion and exchange. A humane globalization places high finance at the service of the real economy, a real economy that furthers the common good for all peoples, bettering the lot of the poor and marginalized.

So that each individual may reach his or her full potential, all of society must collaborate, leveraging family, community and business within an inclusive political structure. Each individual must recognize the reciprocity and synergy in his or her relationship with society as a whole and each of its constituent parts.
The manifest failure of economists and politicians to anticipate prevent the current financial crisis cannot be understood outside of a broader failure to internalize the driving role and impact of individuals.

Globalization will continue to stumble and clumsily advance so long as it does not grasp the centrality of the individual.

The notion of common good

The rapidity of globalization exacerbates the difficulties individuals encounter in trying to balance their needs, whether material, spiritual or emotion, with those of society at large. In such a context, the common good serves to define boundaries and new rules for moving forward. Implicit in the common good is full respect for individual and collective interests; individuals demand less in return for society’s concession of certain powers.

The Zermatt Summit explores the roles and responsibilities of institutions and individuals through the lens of furthering the common good.

Three Days to Reflect on Globalization and Envision Future Works and Summits

The Zermatt Summit is an opportunity for participants to wrestle with the challenges and priorities on the path to a humane globalization. The Advisors Network, composed of senior business leaders and experts, works throughout the year implement strategic recommendations, establish priorities for subsequent summits and provide direction for the Foundation, its publications and training programs.