Chile – Aconcagua Summit

Aconcagua Summit – Humanizando la Globalización

The Aconcagua Summit is a meeting held in Chile at the foot of the Aconcagua Mountain, where 220 leaders from social, business, political, academic and spiritual organizations will share their challenges, meanings and dreams in their commitment to Humanize Globalization.

Aconcagua Summit is an initiative impulsed by the Foundation Desafío de Humanidad, a non-profit organization whose mission is to generate the conditions to awaken, form and communicate a more humanized culture in Chile and in the World.

In alliance with the Zermatt Summit, the idea is to initiate a route of Summits – Humanizing Globalization around the world.

The first stage of Aconcagua Summit ended successfully, after 3 days in which more than 220 social, business, spiritual, political and academic leaders met in Chile, sharing challenges, wishes and views in order to build a more sustainable world socially, economically and environmentally wise.

Representatives from Spain, France, Colombia, Haiti, Argentina, Switzerland and Chile, among other countries, were present at the Summit, who worked toward combining purposes, creating synergy and committing to concrete tasks in different areas trending to humanize globalization. That is how concrete proposals were elaborated on humanizing finances, businesses, mass media, etc. At the same time, topics related to sustainable development, aboriginal nations, special handicapped inclusion, environmental preservation and other were also worked on.

Once this first stage is finished, we will work in promoting, systematize and monitor the commitments acquired at the Summit. 21 commitments and initiatives that were born at the Aconcagua Summit can be followed on the website.