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The Zermatt Summit aims at offering more than a purely theoretical approach thus providing tools that can be used within corporations or other types of organizations. To this effect, among our keynote speakers, economists, politicians and NGO representatives will present the following concrete solutions that can be used or replicated within other environments. This is in order to encourage fairer forms of globalization and demonstrate their economic viability.

50+20 Project

50+20 is a collaborative initiative that seeks to learn of new ways and opportunities for management education to transform and reinvent itself. We are asking critical questions about the state of the world, the emerging societal issues, the dominant economic logic, the purpose of business, the crucial role of leadership, and the challenges facing management education.

Zermatt Summit is one of the co-authoring institutions which contribute to critical reflection on the full 50+20 manuscript. The 50+20 Agenda was launched at the PRME Global Forum at RIO+20 on June 15th, 2012.

World Future Council

The World Future Council is promoting the creation of Ombudspersons for Future Generations designed as an interface to influence the public administration sector. While ensuring that long term scenarios are brought to the heart of governments, it aims to protect future generations by defending long term goals and seeing to their implementation.

Foundation for a New Ethical Business is a website which ranks the best CSR firms and practices, showing that other forms of business are possible. As future leaders, students need to develop an innovative and ethical business vision today of new business practices. In this manner, this gallery of companies serves as a tool to make visitors dream, to inspire them and to learn what others are doing and what can be done.

The support of Zermatt Summit has been key in the development of the new website ( Of the 5000€ donation, we have already invested 3500€ in the development of its new architecture, and we still have 1500€ to spend on improving a few key features and the graphic design.

Students have kept uploading inspiring companies, making the website a very useful tool for teaching purposes in Barcelona and in Shanghai. We now have close to 200 examples of inspiring companies. Over the last months, the new version of the website has been counting an average of 150 visits per day.

What is more, we are launching an academic research project, which uses the website to identify and study the different types of business models innovations that most inspire business students.

Marc Le Menestrel, Inspiring Leader,

CJD International

Centre des Jeunes Dirigeants d’entreprise is a 5000 member strong network dedicated to developing and training managers in innovative techniques to promote “the economy at the service of the human person and life”. 2 projects are proposed:

a) Enhance the visibility and use of GPS (Global Performance System), a freely accessible on-line self-rating system, the purpose of which is to analyze and evaluate the CSR performance of companies.

b) Develop its network by opening a CJD group in Switzerland.

Union de Comunidades Indigenas de la Region del Istmo, R.I. (UCIRI)

Uciri is a Union of small Indian farmers of 64 communities in the mountain region of southern Oaxaca, Mexico. Dr. Van der Hoff-Boersma, Founder of Max Havelaar Fair-Trade system, is a member and assistant of UCIRI which is currently meeting needs for more training and better management skills.

Global Responsibility and Leadership Initiative (GRLI)

GRLI, an international organization including business schools of international standards and major multinational corporations, is looking to promote “a new vision for the corporation of the XXIst century” by giving back economic activity its ethical and political dimensions. GRLI’s research project aims at creating new concepts and new tools for the management of the corporate enterprise of tomorrow.

Seven Fund

Leader in the field of enterprise solutions to poverty, Seven Fund is promoting the creation of an investment fund, the Carpenter’s Fund, to act as an international senior lender to some of Africa’s best Church projects in answer to a lack of financing and access to loan capital.

Résonnance Foundation

Created in 1998 in Morges, Switzerland, the non-for-profit Foundation Résonnance is present in Belgium, France, Italy, Lebanon and Spain. Its objectives are threefold
“Offering classical music in places where it isn’t…”

2) Creating and managing Résonnance Schools

3) Promoting the teaching of “Pédagogie Résonnance?

Services Industriels de Genève (SIG)

In today’s standard management evaluation processes the main objectives / criteria are business oriented. As a consequence, short term thinking and « business-figures-only-thinking » are predominant.
By including social and environmental goals, it is possible to change and reward the middle / long term decision process within the corporate culture, at management evaluation level.

Aconcagua Summit – Humanizando la Globalización

The Aconcagua Summit is a meeting held in Chile at the foot of the Aconcagua Mountain, where 220 leaders from social, business, political, academic and spiritual organizations will share their challenges, meanings and dreams in their commitment to Humanize Globalization.
Aconcagua Summit is an initiative impulsed by the Foundation Desafío de Humanidad, a non-profit organization whose mission is to generate the conditions to awaken, form and communicate a more humanized culture in Chile and in the World.
In alliance with the Zermatt Summit, the idea is to initiate a route of Summits – Humanizing Globalization around the world.


An online tool which objectively analyses your moral character designed by Prof. Roger Steare, Corporate Philosopher and Professor of Organisational Ethics at Cass Business School on demand by The Times and PWC, it has been used by thousands of managers throughout Europe.
It provides information on :

  • your moral values
  • your decision making styles and ethical balance
  • your behaviour risk zones

how to use this data to make better decisions in both your private and professional life
A proven and practical framework to show your business partners that you are capable of making tough ethical decisions and that you are capable of seeing those decisions through.


Vertical, offers outdoor education, expeditions, and team-building to schools and leading corporations throughout Chile. In order to reach those children who cannot afford the cost of Vertical’s outdoor education programs, Rodrigo Jordan’s parallel foundation provides scholarships for more than 1,000 underprivileged children every year. Vertical was the subject of a Yale School of Management case study. Most recently, Rodrigo was appointed the director of an initiative to overcome poverty in Chile.