Project Partners


As a PROJECT PARTNER, you will have the unique opportunity to contribute to this platform and play an active role in projects helping to create an economy to serve the Human Being and involving all stakeholders.

In this position, you will have a privileged access to speakers and experts, and participate in the definition and development of selected projects.
Therefore, you will directly benefit from the platform and content development.

By having your name and logo associated with the Zermatt Summit, you will enhance your image as a pioneering and enlightened company/institution building considerable value by being linked to a world-class summit dedicated to exploring people-centered solutions to the global crisis.

Project Partner Special Benefits
  • Privileged access to Zermatt Summit Network
  • Participation in selected Projects
  • Opportunity to participate in Seminars organized by Zermatt Summit Foundation
Brand Recognition and Extended Communication Benefits
  • Media exposure through the Zermatt Summit media and public relations agency
  • Brand recognition on Zermatt Summit official website
  • Name recognition in the press kit
  • Brand recognition on promotional brochures
  • Brand recognition at the Summit (banners, participants handbook, published conclusions)
  • Brand recognition at the Gala Dinner and Swiss Night Dinner
  • Ongoing web exposition – logo and name –with involvement in post-summit projects
Marketing Official Rights
  • Right to use the Zermatt Summit logo and Corporate Identity visuals / slogans in company’s communication
  • Right to communicate on their project contributions
  • (3) registrations to the Zermatt Summit
  • (3) invitations to the Swiss Night and Gala Dinners
  • Possibility to discuss special and exclusive activation programs

For further details, please contact us


“Made with Respect” – these words embody Switcher’s identity. Respect and transparency, hand in hand with economic efficiency, environmental responsibility and social solidarity are the key values of the Swiss brand. The notion of sustainability lies at the heart of the concept. Switcher does not manufacture “throw away” objects, but rather long-life, quality products.

Switcher offers an extensive range of T-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, fleece and softshell jackets in a spectrum of colours. All Switcher products bear the “respect-code” label, guaranteeing total traceability of the entire production line via Furthermore, the Switcher Foundation supports social projects in India, Africa and Europe.