How to get there


The Summit will take place in the well-known Swiss Alps resort of Zermatt, located in the Matter valley (Valais-Switzerland), from where can be contemplated the world-renowned Matterhorn, also known as Mont Cervin (French), or Monte Cervino (Italian). Most meetings will be hosted at the Mount Cervin Palace, a 5-star hotel located in the town center of Zermatt. The hotel offers convenient facilities, including a conference room for 250 people.


see table below for estimated travel time

By car

Zermatt is a car-free city. Private traffic is permitted only up to Täsch (5 km before Zermatt) and the road between Täsch and Zermatt is also closed to public traffic. Once you arrive in Tasch you will need to take a train to Zermatt (every 20 minutes)

We suggest you park at the Welcome Parking (on the left hand side on arrival in Täsch) – address “Neue Kantonsstrasse, 3929 Täsch. Tel : 027 967 01 70
Please mention you are attending the Zermatt Summit and a preferential rate will be offered

If you should need to be driven the taxi company organising the transfers is Taxi Freddy

The Matterhorn Gotthard Railway shuttle train between Täsch and Zermatt runs every 20 minutes.

By train

The railway has direct connections in Brig and Visp to the modern narrow-gauge railway of the Matterhorn Gotthard Railway, which arrives in Zermatt after an hour and a half ride through the rugged and romantic Nicolaital valley.

The new Lötschberg base tunnel from Frutigen (BE) to Raron (VS) significantly shortens the journey time to Zermatt by train.

By plane

Zermatt is only a few hours from the international airports Zurich, Geneva, Basel and Milan. The train leaves directly from Zurich and Geneva Airports.

Travel time, by train

Trains leave directly from the Airports of Zurich and Geneva
Zurich Airport – Zermatt (Change in VISP)3.5 h
Geneva Airport – Zermatt (Change in VISP)4 h
Basel Airport – Zermatt (Change in VISP)3.45 h
Milan Airport – Zermatt (Change in VISP)4 h
Sion Airport – Zermatt (Change in VISP)2h

Travel time, by car

Zurich – Täsch3.5 h
Geneva – Täsch3 h
Basel – Täsch3.5 h
Milan – Täsch3.2 h
Sion – Täsch1.5 h

Local transport

As a car-free city, Zermatt only allows electro-cars and horse-drawn carriages. Most distances can be easily covered on foot, but electro-taxis ensure a comfortable transfer to the hotels. Public transport is provided in the form of electro-buses.