François Lemarchand

François Lemarchand was born in 1948 in France.
He is a graduate of the ESCP and of Harvard Business School.
He is the founder and President since 1990 of ‘Nature et découvertes’ (NetD), a firm employing 1200 people which offers nature awareness products to city dwellers via its 80 shops.
NetD has pioneered sustainable development and the ecology-economy alliance since its beginnings. It has a high public profile in nature education and is committed to protecting nature and promoting the harmony of man and nature through its two foundations, which receive 20% of the company’s profits.

He has also set up with his wife Françoise, editor of the review Canopée, Global Earth at Unesco, a forum for dialogue and interaction between the worlds of the economy and ecology.
A family business, NetD is now run by his eldest son Antoine.