Rodrigo Jordan

Rodrigo is founding director of Vertical in Chile, an organization devoted to using the mountains as classroom for groups ranging from company mangers to school children. He holds a doctorate in organizational administration from Oxford University, and he teaches Leadership and Decision Making in the MBA program of the Universidad Católica de Chile. He also directs Fundación Vertical, the non-for-profit arm of Vertical to serve the underprivileged students of the poorest schools in Chile.
Due to its long involvement (more than twenty years) with social development and poverty issues Rodrigo was chosen to be the present chairman of the Chilean National Foundation for the Overcoming of Poverty, the most important NGO dealing with Poverty and Social Development today in Chile. The Foundation runs various programs throughout the country involving more than four hundred professionals and one thousand volunteers.

Time magazine identified him in 1995 as one of the leaders of the “new millennium.”
In 2004 he received the highest honour given by the Chilean Ministry of Education –The Order of Gabriela Mistral– for his contribution to Chilean education. ¬¬¬
Rodrigo is an accomplished mountaineer that has climbed throughout the Andes, summited Mt. Everest by the difficult east face in 1992, and led a Chilean team in 1996 in a successful ascent of K2.. In 2002, he led a four-person team in an unsupported 250-mile traverse, much of it unexplored, of the Ellsworth Mountains in Antarctica. In 2006, he led a national team of 15 members to the summit of Lhotse, the world’s fourth highest mountain.
Rodrigo is the author of Everest: The Challenge of a Dream and K2: The Ultimate Challenge, and his ascent of K2 was featured in 2001 in the National Geographic television series on the Quest for K2

Rodrigo lives with his wife and three daughters in Santiago at the foot of the mountains.