Bringing together people of good will who strive to build a better world


The Zermatt Summit Community is comprised of people of good will who strive to make a difference through their activity and to build a better world.

By sharing ideas, innovations and practical insights on the way to include a human dimension in their work, these doers are a powerful force for change.

Support community & collaborative partnerships

We are currently building up a community of partners and supporters aligned with the vision of the Zermatt Summit.

Our team works closely with our strategic partners to explore ways to use the Zermatt Summit Foundation to showcase best practices for projects guided by a concern for the human person.

The objectives of this collaboration are to share and develop innovative and original ways to address the challenges faced by responsible business leaders and to increase the impact of these initiatives

Possible collaborative projects between Your company & the Zermatt Summit include:

  • Becoming a Zermatt Summit world “champion” OR Ambassador
  • Participation in the program content : including issues particularly relevant to your industry (round table, keynote, seminar, series, summer camp…)
  • Use of the Zermatt Summit participants’ contributions to uncover innovative ideas to address challenges faced by Your company (real case studies)
  • Testing new ideas: Zermatt Summit’s next main topic will be “humanizing innovation
  • Offering Your company’s young leaders to become participants in one of our executive programs.

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Our partners are composed of those individuals and companies who provided a continued support to establish Zermatt Summit Foundation