Voices of Zermatt

Having started this new year with a fresh breeze of energy, the Zermatt Summit Foundation concluded its 2018 endeavours, and looks forward to the new exciting projects 2019 will bring.

The launch of the Club of 100 for more seasoned Blue Economy and Zermatt Summit minds, the On-Site Projects for the do-ers, the Knowledge Circle for the younger inspirers and inspired, and of course The Zermatt Summit 2019 itself will be the highlights to follow-up on. This being said, we are honoured and pleased to invite you all to join us at the foot of the Matterhorn for the 2019 edition September 12-14th 2019.

You can find the first edition of the Voices of Zermatt at the end of this article. Reshaping the world of economical models and promoting concepts that tackle societal challenges, the organization felt it was also time to break with the classical executive summary for the 2018 Summit. Alternatively some of last edition’s keynote speakers and key-people were asked to give their thoughts on humanizing innovation, Blue Economy projects and principles, as well as on illicit trade and their personal inspirations and aspirations.

The summary of these lines is our gift to you.

Sincerely yours,

Laurenz-Frederik Pauli
Programme Director

On behalf of

Mr. Christopher Wasserman


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