OPTIC is an international network of multi-disciplinary research initiatives created in 2012 that urges for using new technologies in full respect of the human person. Dedicated to the ethical impact of disruptive technologies, it bases its work on an explicit Christian point of view on anthropology.

The Zermatt Summit Foundation, in turn, is indeed convinced that if globalisation is to be more human, this will undoubtedly be thanks to the new information and communication technologies (ICT). We are therefore sharing the OPTIC belief that disruptive technologies can greatly improve the living conditions in many areas subject to putting them at the service of the human person and of the Common Good.

OPTIC involves cutting edge technology developers, leaders of large corporate enterprises, researchers in human sciences (anthropologists, philosophers, sociologists, etc..) and representatives of the civil society and religions.

In Berkeley, Stanford, Boston, Toronto, Genève, Rome or Paris, the expert members of the network evaluate the impact of the new technologies on human activities and on our societies.