The Swiss Changemakers programme:
an exciting experience of shaping a much-needed community of changemakers in Switzerland and
reinforcing the social impact of selected social ventures!

Together, we want to bridge the gap between the social economy and the rest of the Swiss economy, and increase the visibility of the social sector and innovative Changemaking ideas in Switzerland.
Based on previous experiences and equipped with this knowledge of the Swiss environment, Ashoka now feels ready and confident to take the next step: creating impact not only at the organisation level but also at the ecosystem level.

We will achieve this goal by helping the social ventures we support to review their own theories of change, take on more ambitious visions, rethink their social impact, build development strategies which encompass the organisations’s stakeholders, design influencing strategies involving the media, and develop funding strategies which allow these organisations to meet these goals.

This programme not only aims at creating a community of Swiss changemakers with an innovative vision for the social sector but also at redefining the frontiers of social entrepreneurship in Switzerland!