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Mgr Mansour Labaky

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Father Mansour Labaky, born in 1940 at Baabdat in the Lebanon, studied philosophy, theology and music at the University of Saint Joseph, Beirut.
Ordained to the priesthood in Beirut on March 26, 1966, he became Head of Department at Ghazir Maronite Seminary and the College of Wisdom of Beirut in 1965. Parish priest of Damour from 1971 until the destruction of the town in January as a result of the war, he then went on lecture tour of the United States, Canada and Africa, giving information about the Lebanon and its plight.
In 1978, he became Parish priest of Mar Abda (Roumieh) and created the childrens choir, The Little Singers of Lebanon. In 1982 he set up the publishing house Al Kormah. After a lecture tour in 1982 in the United States and Europe, as part of the Papal Mission to Beirut, he was Head of the College of Wisdom (Jdaidet-El Metn) from 1986-1987 and then Director General of the Maronite Social Fund established by the Patriarchate.
In 1990, he founded the spiritual movement Lo Thedal Be not afraid – and was named in 1992 by the Vatican as Chief Chaplain of the Order of Malta in the Lebanon.