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Mgr Aldo Tolotto

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Born in Italy in 1946, Msgr. Aldo Tolotto started his education at Treviso, Italy, and finished his studies of Theology, Philosophy and Islamic Sciences at the Patriarcal Seminary of Jerusalem.
He spent more than 30 years in Israel, Gaza and mostly in Jordania, to serve his vocation: join the missionaries in the Middle East to support them in their actions.
Ordinated in 1969, Msgr. Aldo Tolotto assumed various responsibilities within the Church, including during the war period, but what he mostly likes to highlight of the time he spent in the desert, is the religious vocations he has been able to give rise to.
In 1998 he was appointed as General Director of the Notre Dame of Jerusalem Center, Vatican property, as well as Cultural Attach of the Apostolic Nunciature.
Msgr. Aldo Tolotto left Jerusalem in 2005 for the Vatican to manage the Domus Sanctae Marthae and, since then he is the General Director of this Conclave House.