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Jrme Vignon

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Jrme Vignon (born in 1944) is Director at the European Commission responsible for social protection and integration.
He is a former student of the cole Polytechnique and a graduate of the ENSAE (Paris Graduate School of Economics, Statistics and Finance).
He has experience in political and economic analysis and the management of information systems, with particular interest in geopolitical planning and regional development.
He was a member of the office of the French Finance Minister and joined the European Commission in 1984.
He directed the long-term forecasting unit of the European Commission from 1989, when Jacques Delors was the President of the Commission, until 1998.
In France, he occupied the post of Director of Strategy at the DATAR (Delegation for Regional Development), reporting to the French Prime Minister.
He was adviser to the Secretary General of the European Commission, with responsibility for the Commissions approach to European governance. In this capacity he directed the governance team which prepared the white paper on European governance, published on 25 July 2001 (see Community Law).
From 1974 to 1978, Jrme Vignon was president of the MCC (Christian Managers Movement). Since its foundation in 2001, he has been president of the Assises chrtiennes de la mondialisation, a Christian grouping in response to globalisation. In 2007, he succeeded Michel Camdessus as president of the social campaigning group Semaines sociales de France.