Program 2010

Michel Coquillion

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Confederal Vice-President and Vice-President of the Economic, Social and Environmental Council
Head of Micro-Informatics at Rhne Poulenc, he has been a member of the CFTC since 1982.
A trade union delegate in 1983, he became President of the Departmental Union of the Rhne in 1987.
In 1990 and 1994, he was elected Secretary General and then President of the Rhne-Alpes Regional Union. He was appointed Deputy Secretary General of the CFTC in 1995, in charge of negotiations.
Also a member of the Executive Board of the ANPE and a member of the Organising and Supervisory Board, in 2001 he became a Board Member and Deputy Treasurer of the Unedic where he chairs the Joint National Supervisory Group of the PARE (Return to Work Assistance Plan).
He was elected Vice-President of the CFTC at the Bordeaux Congress in November 2005. He chairs the CFTC Group on the Economic and Social Council and became its Vice-President in November 2006.
He was re-elected as Vice-President at the Strasbourg Congress (October 2008)