Summit 2011

Welcome to Zermatt Summit 2011

The theme of this 2011 edition is “Servant Leaders”. This topic will be the guideline to key note addresses and workshops.

In our understanding, in today’s world, leaders are in a particularly privileged position to influence societal developments as well as to stimulate the emergence of new models and practices in their respective domains of activity. Accordingly, they carry a very special responsibility for what happens in the world and how the world is changing.

At the time of decision making, whether collective or individual, people in charge may always position themselves between two options: either being primarily self oriented or behaving as servant leaders with fiduciary responsibilities.

A servant leader accepts to assist others in striving towards a shared objective which is more important than the satisfaction of each other’s immediate individual interests. This dynamic might be referred to as the search of the Common Good.

If one genuinely cares about “humanizing” globalization as we know it, and one genuinely desires to pursue this path, servant leaders must first work firmly on changing their “hearts and minds”. This means redirecting one’s attention away from limited performance criteria, however they may be defined. Logically, this would also induce servant leaders to be more sensitive, in a holistic and immediate way, to the people for whom they are responsible.