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Veronique Olivier-Martin

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Management consulting has lead me to cartoons! Ive been a graphic facilitator for now 8 years.
My work is about metaphors and all the images we use to express ourselves, to convince others, to justify ones decisions… Companies are the best places to study for one who is passionate about this! For what are they, but places where people constantly adjust their visions and their actions?
So I listen and capture during workshops or seminars what people say about their strategy, their organisation, their work. I capture vision, anger, fear or pleasure, enthusiasm, the unsaid, the contradictions, the wishful thinking, the antagonisms
My fresques become a mirror of the group as their work goes on. They sustain reflection an memory, measure the progress of the thoughts, unleash the emotions, and of course encourage people to have fun of all the situations they happen to face in this mutant world !

Graphic Facilitator

Creative seminars facilitation
Use the illustration as a support for the group reflection, to enhance their capacity to exchange ideas, imagine ruptures, vizualise change and scenarios. Facilitate people to foster their objectives.
Seminar scribing
Capture lively the discussions and debates during the seminar, in order to present and share a view of the thoughts in progress. Facilitate people listening, memorisation, concentration. After the event, cartoons are a support for communication.
Synthetise the key messages in a poster with words and images on the basis of interviews, studies, Facilitate a speaker to tell a story.
Reinforce the impact of key messages by illustration. Facilitate the diffusion and people appropriation.


Since 2010 :
Independant graphic facilitator
2005 to 2010 :
Project Manager for the collaborative workshops and seminars of Capgemini Consulting & Graphic Facilitator
1997 to 2003 :
Senior Consultant for Capgemini Consulting
1997 :
Master of Business school in Grenoble

Example of a scribe (lively capture)