Speakers 2014

Juan Pablo Cerda

Juan Pablo married and father of five graduated from Austral University as a forester and joined the Chilean environmental agency. On a Government of Canada Award, he spent some years researching on uncertainty and risk.
Back in Chile, he is now the manager and principal shareholder of TECO Group, a unique company of 45 professionals, 8 of whom are indigenous Mapuche. Together they de-risk initiatives for proponents and stakeholders, building lasting relationships between Chileans: those with ideas and those with capital; educated and indigenous; of the left and right; in the offices and in the streets.
TECO exists to answer the questions: How much business risk comes from our own fears? How do our fears affect our business decisions? Can we overcome our fear and convert it to expectation and enthusiasm?
Starting TECO was hard. Now Juan Pablo sees why it was worth it: the world is changing and his vision, which seemed crazy 10 years ago, is making sense to more Chileans every day.