Summit 2014 Overview


« The Courage to Dare»

Dare to care, Dare to innovate, Dare to serve, Dare to empower…

With the drastic changes created by globalization in the economic, social and political fabrics of our societies, some issues appear to be so complex to address that it can be difficult to have the courage to dare to start changing the world we live in.

The 2014 edition of the Zermatt Summit will focus on success stories of people who have a dream and made a significant impact in their environment by daring to implement a project that had meaning. Through a uniquely designed program combining inspirational keynote interventions, well structured brainstorming sessions, practical workshops and genuine interactions, the Zermatt Summit team will create the context to inspire and empower the participants to have the courage to dare.


You are a leader and innovative achiever of wide ranging intellectual interests who share the values underlined in the Zermatt Summit Declaration and Manifesto.
The Zermatt Summit will help you to:

  • establish genuine dialogue built on substantive content
  • be part of an inspiring journey with people having decided to engage in actions in favour of the human person and for the Common Good
  • engage in networking and building new relationships with a range of business, civil society and thought leaders
  • unite with the leaders of today and tomorrow through an alpine event designed to forge lifelong friendships, spawn innovative ideas and make our world a better place
  • change hearts and minds

Highlights 2014


With the goal to unite corporate purpose and personal values to serve society, Blueprint for Better Business comes with an expertise to guide leaders in their decision making process and will make it available at one of the Zermatt Summit workshops.

The Award Ceremony of the European competition SOCIAL& BUSINESS CO-CREATION: collaboration for impact

A partnership between Ashoka, Fondation Guilé, DPD, Boehringer Ingelheim and the Zermatt Summit Foundation, the competition will source the best cases of social & business co-creation in Europe. The awards ceremony for the competition will be held before the Zermatt Summit Gala Dinner on 27 June, 2014

Nominate a project or enter the competition HERE

Impact Journalism at the summit

Sparknews is known for having put together the “2013 Impact Journalism Day” that engaged 22 world’s leading newspapers from 20 countries to share stories of hope, change and innovation with their 50 million readers. The founder of Sparknews will ensure that the stories shared at the summit reach a larger audience and have the best impact.

Matterhorn Excursion

The Zermatt Summit will be concluded by the Matterhorn Excursion lead by the charismatic
Rodrigo Jordan. The first South American to reach the Mount Everest peak, Mr. Jordan is internationally known for his work in leadership, innovation and social development.


The SWISS NIGHT DINNER, held at the panoramic Sunnegga, will be a unique opportunity for participants and speakers to share their ideas and the perfect venue for genuine networking.

The Zermatt Summit provided a great opportunity to re-engage and re-inspire for the challenges ahead.

Rob Cameron

The Zermatt Summit is a world recognized platform that is helping to make our planet more sustainable, economically, socially and environmentally by developing a practical consensus among a wide range of influential decision makers

Mohan Munasinge
Nobel Peace Prize co winner

The Zermatt Summit was a spark for the Blueprint for Better Business initiative.

Charles Wookey
Blueprint for Better Business