The Zermatt Summit 2018

Dear Friends,
Dear Change Agents,

We would like to thank everyone for their enthusiasm, inspiring contributions and motivational input to the 7th Zermatt Summit.

In the spirit of the mission of the Zermatt Summit, perhaps the most promising development is that we now truly see concrete collaborations and implementations coming out of our meetings: Gunter Pauli is working with Marco Simeoni, Suat Topsu is working with Carlos Moreira, and many other promising connections were made. They are – together – turning meetings and words into results and meaningful impact. They are implementing the mission of “business as a force for good”.

We are busy reviewing our experience to make sure that we present an even more inspiring Zermatt Summit next year. And furthermore, we aim for a series of projects discussed over the past summit, to be presented fully operational and functional during our next joining.

Looking forward to keeping in touch.

Naturally yours,
On behalf of the Zermatt Summit team,

Christopher Wasserman