Yes, we can change the world!

Our very lifestyle is likely to undermine the chances that future generations will be able to lead worthwhile lives and have their primary needs met. The economic production model that we currently have does not work. What is required of us, however, is to make a mental leap as well as a behavioral change, to disrupt our thinking about production so as to enter a circular, regenerative, environmentalist dynamic. It is morally necessary for us as individuals and for business to take care of our planet and it’s people.

In this year’s edition the Zermatt Summit wants to show possible paths that we can take towards regenerative growth by describing trends and scenarios that are difficult to interpret, making them visible, understandable, accessible and promising. The focus will be to put back the human person at the center of innovation in technology, food and energy. An economic revolution inspired by nature is under- way. There is no more powerful force to drive innovation and change than human enterprise.

Here we are

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Who should attend?

Primarily conceived for business leaders, the Zermatt Summit’s program is a catalyst destined to inspire, to share innovation and to translate new business development models into action, prioritizing human dignity in our globalized world.

Why should you be there?

The Zermatt Summit is a unique opportunity to meet and spend time with likeminded people from all over the world, each and everyone with a special story to tell. The attendees, ranging from businessmen, policymakers, to entrepreneurs and environmental economists, will share with you innova- tive ways of thought, progressive and inspiring stories, as well as experiences that show that the time to act can be and is now.

All projects proposed and explained give you in- sights in techniques that are practical, applicable, usable and implementable from day one. Taking place in the exclusive mountain village of Zermatt, surrounded by nature, nested deep into the Swiss Alps. There are moments planned to stretch your legs, go outside to focus on the future full of possibilities and forget day to day stress.