The Zermatt Summit 2019

Entrepreneurship to serve the common good

Dear Friends,
Dear Change Agents,

Why another Summit?
Our current economic model has become unsustainable, it has lost its moral and political legitimacy. In the competitive market economy it has shown a continuous ability to be creative and to increase wealth. In the last decades, there has been a progressive blurring of its link with the global common good and a significant loss of our capacity to regulate it. Economics have been disconnected from ethics and politics as financial capitalism tends to nurture a speculative race where money creates more money without sufficiently investing in the economy of goods and services useful to mankind. Destruction of the planet and its biodiversity, growing inequality and poverty, injustice, exclusion and alienation are some of the dysfunctions likely to have significant negative consequences for future generations.

What makes us unique?

The spirit of the Zermatt Summit engages the heart and minds (not only intelligence), the conscious and spiritual dimensions of leadership. A concern for the person and respect for personal values. Everyone has a responsibility and is a changemaker. A framework to assist in making innovative ideas come to life and transform business enterprise.

Naturally yours,
On behalf of the Zermatt Summit team,

Christopher Wasserman