The Club of 100

The Zermatt Summit foundation launches The Club of 100

As announced during the 7th Zermatt Summit, we are very happy and proud to officially launch the “Club of 100” initiative, which is a way for individuals or corporate organizations to financially support the Zermatt Summit Foundation and its activities, as well as to benefit of a certain number of advantages as a member.

Concept / General Idea

The club of 100 is a club composed of a maximum of 100 innovative individuals, CEO’s, top managers, entrepreneurs, investors and philanthropists. Corporate members or companies can also be part of the Club of 100 when represented by an inspiring person.

The purpose is to help the Zermatt Summit Foundation self-support activities such as the yearly conference in Zermatt, and to develop other new activities, seminars and projects.

The club members will receive a newsletter every quarter with the latest news of the foundation, with the first newsletter planned on March 31st 2019.

Advantages for the members / Why join ?

  1. To be connected with a worldwide cutting-edge network of leading thinkers and entrepreneurs part of the circular, blue or regenerative economy, freedom-based organisations and Bcorp certified companies.
  2. To obtain a discount of 30 % for the Zermatt Summit conference entry ticket for individuals and corporate club members.
  3. To have the right to invite a member of Generation Y i.e.:18 to 33 years old to attend the conference at reduced fee of CHF 1.000,00 including hotel.
  4. To obtain a discount on the Zermatt Summit Deep Dive seminars organized in partnership with Montagne Alternative. The next seminar by Gunter Pauli and Anders Wijkman is planned from February 14th to 16th 2019 in Switzerland.
  5. To have a first right to invest / obtain ownership in other projects coming out of the Zermatt Summit. More information on current On- site Projects will be communicated in a separate mailing.

Conditions to become a member

  1. For individuals: CHF 3.500,00 /year for a period of three fiscal years (period 2019 – 2020 – 2021).
  2. For companies: CHF 7.000,00 / year for a period of three fiscal years (period 2019 – 2020 – 2021).

Membership can be renewed for a second period of three years.

If you personally or your company would agree to become a member of the Club 100, if you have any further questions or recommendations, kindly contact Mr. Laurenz-Frederik Pauli via

We hope to count you soon among the members of the Club of 100 and are looking forward to giving a new boost to our activities.