2017 summit


6th edition - 2017


When we talk of innovation, the focus is often on technology, especially advances in the digital economy. Yet social, economic, environmental and managerial innovations are just as important as technology in making a more sustainable future possible.

The Zermatt Summit 2017 demonstrated the extraordinary potential for innovation in sectors that are often overlooked, such as waste recycling and frugal innovation, and explored the intersection of advanced technologies and traditional knowledge. In three fascinating debates, panelists discussed the future of humans in an age of robots, the social impact of artificial intelligence, and the evolution of human rights at a time of pervasive big data.

In keeping with the vision of the Zermatt Summit, the focus was on how companies can adopt a more holistic and integrated approach, and learn to do more – and better – with less, while taking into account all stakeholders, including clients, suppliers, employees, communities, and the environment.

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