2010 summit

Humanizing Globalization

1th edition - 2010


Over the last 100 years, globalization has improved the well-being of millions of people worldwide, lifting entire nations out of poverty. But increasingly that interconnectedness also means that decisions made on one side of the globe can have far-reaching effects on the other, as illustrated by the recent global financial crisis.

In that context, the inaugural Zermatt Summit examined how to “humanize globalization”, by embedding ethics and values in business decision-making, thereby ensuring that the economy serves the common good.

Speakers and participants at the 2010 Zermatt Summit discussed how to achieve a new balance between statesmanship, leadership, and entrepreneurship. They presented entrepreneurial models that prioritize and economic, social, and environmental sustainability over short-term profitability. In keynotes, panels, and workshops they explored the implications for businesses and for individuals when business prioritizes the well-being of people, communities, and nature.

Translating ideas into action

For the last 20 years, it has organized hundreds of concerts annually in hospitals, old-age care homes, institutions for the disabled, prisons and refugee camps.