Prabhu Guptara

Prabhu Guptara is the William Carey University Distinguished Professor of Global Business, Management and Public Policy (India) and a recognised authority on long-range global trends. Widely known as a speaker and broadcaster, he is or has been Chairman, CEO or Board Member of several companies and organisations. As Executive Director, Organisation Development, at one of the largest banks in the world, he had the unique job of working with people throughout the world to identify new ideas that could bring value to the company.
This included running think tanks on a wide variety of market and global issues, and managing the Distinguished Speaker Series. He was born and educated in India, is a British citizen, and works worldwide, having been based in Switzerland for the last 15 years. As a jury member of numerous literary, business and management competitions in the UK and the Commonwealth, and a guest contributor to all the principal newspapers and radio and TV channels in the UK as well as numerous media in other parts of the world, he continues to supervise Ph.D. research and lectures to MBA classes, and is included in Debrett’s People of Today.

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