Harnessing the power of business and finance for the common good

The Zermatt Summit Foundation was created in 2010 to promote a constructive, action-oriented dialogue between key stakeholders from business, academia, the arts, philanthropy, religion and politics.

The Foundation’s flagship annual event, the Zermatt Summit, brings like-minded leaders together in the inspiring setting of the Swiss Alps for an intense three-day exploration of innovative technologies and business models with the potential to build a more caring, sustainable world for the next Generation.

We seek to spark innovation, share inspiration, and translate ideas into action, by encouraging participants to adopt value-driven business models.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy embraces three fundamental principles:

Common Good

The common good is the sum of social conditions which allow people, either as groups or as individuals, to be fulfilled, more fully and more easily.

As such, it encompasses the good of the individual and the good of the group at the same time. It takes into account the responsibility each of us have towards others and our environment.

Servant leadership

Servant leaders mobilize their talents to serve their fellow human beings, both within their organization and in society at large. As such, they are a powerful force for change, setting an example for others through their value-driven actions.


We engage our community to promote humanity, which encompasses values such as dignity, reciprocity, integrity, solidarity, fairness, sustainability, accountability and courage. We inspire all stakeholders, especially business, to put people rather than profit at the heart of everything they do.