Zermatt Summit

Declaration on the Common Good to humanize globalization.

We, the members of the Zermatt Summit Foundation Board, signatories of this Declaration,

Affirm that the dignity of the human person and the inviolability of his/her rights must be the foundation for relations between the citizens of the world and that respect for these two principles must prompt States, other national and international public authorities, civil society and economic operators to govern decisions and actions resolutely towards the Common Good;

Point out that human dignity is the principle from which all Human Rights stem, and that this principle is invoked by many Conventions and Universal or Multilateral Declarations, as well as by many national Constitutions;

Support the values of freedom, equality, solidarity, subsidiarity and respect for creation, and affirm the necessity of protecting the cultural diversity of humankind;

Are convinced that the resolution of the present crisis depends on greater acceptance of responsibility and determined commitment by each individual to promote the Common Good in a spirit of service and love. This appeal is all the more urgent in that the great challenges facing humanity are becoming more threatening;

Note that social market economy as well as free enterprise have enabled humanity to make real progress and have made goods and services available to an ever greater number of people;

Would like to see an economy driven by the concern for the Common Good supported by financial mechanisms at the service of the real economy which are keen to foster development that respects the human person, in particular those who are most vulnerable, and that cares for the natural world and the ecosystem;

Reaffirm that the exercise of power is legitimized by seeking the Common Good, by the humanization of social life and by respect for fundamental freedom, in particular freedom of conscience and freedom of worship;

Deplore that exclusive desire for profit and thirst for power, which is at the root of so much human drama, hinders the development of the whole man and of all men to the full;

Encourage, consequently, each and every person, particularly those who exercise economic or political power and who are actively involved in all levels of society in both the public and private sectors, to serve the Common Good of the whole human family with courage and boldness and to actively promote peace in the world;

Recommend that firm and effective reference be made as widely and constantly as possible to the Common Good as the guiding principle for humanity to commit to regulating its activities with greater solidarity while considering each person as an end and not as a means;

Propose to share with all women and men of good will our reflections on the importance of the Common Good by virtue of which each one is called to see his or her own good in the good of others; and our conviction that, by making the Common Good the guide for our actions and the criterion for our decisions, we can individually and collectively work for civilization and progress while respecting our human nature and nature generally, with a view to achieving shared prosperity, sustainable development, peaceful coexistence and, ultimately, the realization of our natural and universal aspiration to happiness;

Invite all women and men of good will to commit themselves to the Common Good and to the signing of this Declaration;


Members of the Board

Father Nicolas Buttet • Jean-René Fournier • HI and RH Archiduke Rudolf of Austria of Habsburg-Lorraine • Daniel Lauber • Théodore Roosevelt Malloch • Nicolas Michel • Antonin Pujos • Christopher Wasserman

We suggest referring to the “Zermatt Summit Manifesto” and the working document “About the Common Good” to help understand the commitments this Declaration solemnly calls for.

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