2021 summit

100 Solutions for the Common Good

9th Zermatt Summit, cancelled due to sanitary reasons

Dear Friends of the Zermatt Summit,

The aim of the Zermatt Summit Foundation has always been to unite entrepreneurs and leaders in their quest towards innovative solutions that benefit the common good.

We see now, as an international team, that an in-person meeting in Zermatt will not be possible due to sanitary reasons making travelling difficult. It is therefore that, with great regret, we have decided to cancel the 9th Zermatt Summit planned in June 2021.

We will pursue our activities and work on an intensive upgrade in our communication channels, as well as prepare some form of event before the end of this year.

Now more than ever, we will try to incorporate the challenges our society faces today and look at solutions that are easy to implement, and have a high impact on an economic, social and ecological level.

Bringing a like-minded community together has been the red thread over the past 8 editions of our annual meeting. This means that for the coming events, we shall continue to discuss these practical solutions and offer a stage to future and sustainable oriented organizations and actors.

Looking forward to enabling and empowering the change we need

Sincerely yours,

Laurenz-Frederik Pauli
Program Director Zermatt Foundation

On behalf of

Mr. Christopher Wasserman
President Zermatt Foundation