Jacqui Manini

Communication Manager & Social Media

Having worked in the communication department for the Zermatt Summit since 2011, Jacqui became an independent Social Media consultant and coach in 2017. Jacqui’s current responsibilities include content management, internet site management and data warehouse and she is the architect of the Zermatt Summit’s Social Network.

Zambian born and bred, she has been living in Switzerland for over 30 years. Jacqui graduated from Cambridge University with an English Language teaching degree in 1993 and updated her CV by obtaining a Digital Marketing Certification from the London School of Business in 2017. After having taught independently at companies such as Nestlé and Adecco she became Founder and CEO of Justek SA in 1998 where she gained extensive skills in congress / event organization, marketing, communication and social networking. She is the co-founder and vice-president of Osmose Group, a collective of communication free-lancers in Switzerland.

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