15 Jun Inaugural Zermatt Summit – successful

The inaugural Zermatt Summit 2010 has taken place and was received well with international delegates and speakers attending from all over the world including businessmen, members of academia, CEOs, NGOs, and policy makers. Just as Davos was born nearly three decades ago and has now become a well renowned forum for business, similarly many of the speakers and delegates felt they had witnessed the birth of a vital new platform which will drive values and ethics in business in a post credit crunch era.

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11 May Greek loan treated with scepticism

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As shares surged following intervention from the EU and IMF to stop the Greek debt crisis spreading to the rest of the EU, Christopher Wasserman, President and Founder of the Zermatt Summit is sceptical about the real impact of the loan.

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30 Apr Business leaders call for urgent action

As Europe risks becoming “the Lehman Brothers of the sovereign debt world” business leaders call for urgent action

The architect of Greece’s entry into the euro Dr Yannos Papantoniou, Greek economy minister between 1994 and 2001, issued a strong warning for Europe to act “at very high speed” to rescue the economy.

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22 Apr Obama pushes bank reform bill

Obama pushes bank reform bill but experts believe a change of business ethics is required rather than further legislation

President Obama’s speech to bankers on Wall Street today is pushing the case for more government regulation of big banks.

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