Fairness and Justice in the Economy Hernando de Soto, ILD


Following the Theme of Humanizing Globalization : Justice and Solidarity for Sustainability War, injustice, violence, self-interest, lack of respect and recognition are part of the daily picture cast by the world media. At the same time, in a less visible way, innumerable actors are working for the Common Good, humbly serving others without expecting any personal return. Sustainable peace is to be pursued because each and every human being is longing for it, knowing perfectly that it is a prerequisite for their own blossoming and for the happiness of their families and communities. Who else but the leaders of the world are responsible for establishing such peace? Who else can establish the spirit of justice and solidarity which is the condition for such sustainable peace?

The ILD 

The Institute for Liberty and Democracy (ILD), led by Peruvian economist Hernando de Soto, works with developing countries to implement property and business rights reforms that provide the legal tools and institutions required for citizens to participate in the formal national and global economy. ILD works toward a world in which all people have equal access to secure rights to their real property and business assets in order to pull themselves—and their countries—out of poverty.



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