Favoring Youth Employment

Meeting of the Economy & Conscience Network and the Zermatt Summit Foundation. With shared values, thirty leaders gathered to discuss first jobs for recent graduates. Past experiences and concrete solutions were brought forth.

A few months before the 3rd edition of the Zermatt Summit, Zermatt Summit Foundation President Christopher Wasserman met with the Economy & Conscience Network to reaffirm his engagement toward the next generation of leaders, conscientious of the importance of individuals within a business and in the hopes of contributing to the construction of a more human world.
The actions of the Economy & Conscience Network’s founders and the event’s attendees revolve around finding concrete solutions for an economy which serves the human person and the Common Good. By directly addressing the leaders present at the meeting, this was the message the Foundation wished to convey, to not forget that “the future will be made by the next generation.”

Each leader can take concrete actions in his or her organization to favor a student’s transition to work. Students’ employment opportunities are unfortunately very dependent on general economic health. It is necessary to believe in the qualities of the younger generation which brings new ideas and a different vision to the business,” underlined Christopher Wasserman.

Economy & Conscience Meeting

The meeting organized by the Economic & Conscience Network on Thursday, March 22, in Geneva was an opportunity to illustrate its action for economic development based on humanist values. Network members were each asked to create 10 paid internships. More than 30 Swiss leaders sympathetic to the difficulties surrounding youth employment were present. They were able to testify about their experiences and exchange with other network members about new ideas to put into place.

Esther Jouhet (Founding Member and President, Economy & Conscience Network), André Hurter (General Director, SIG), Daniel Rochat (Director of Human Resources, Patek Philippe) and Jérémy Annen (General Director, Ifage Foundation for Continuing Education) showed the importance of their approach and actions toward youth.


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