Servant Leadership for 21st Century – Time for Paradigm Change

Servant Leadership for 21st Century – Time for Paradigm Change

“If leaders genuinely care about “humanizing” globalization as we know it, they must first work firmly on changing their own “hearts and minds” to become “servant leaders”. This means redirecting their attention away from limited performance criteria, however defined they may be. Logically, this would also induce that they be more sensitive, in a holistic and immediate way, towards the people for whom they are responsible. Altogether, this would involve dramatic paradigm change from traditional leadership practices as taught, for example, in business and public administration schools to a more open and more respectful management style. How can the leaders of the business world assume their responsibility for paradigm change while maintaining the momentum required by the entrepreneurship spirit?”


PANEL MEMBERS: Xavier FontanetEssilor, André Hurter –SIG,  Pierre Lecocq – Uniapac and Inergy

Xavier Fonaten

MODERATOR: Prof. George Kohlrieser, IMD

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