Webinar 12.11.20 – Fighting illicit trade by promoting the blue economy in the age of sustainability

Fighting illicit trade by promoting the blue economy in the age of sustainability

The COVID-19 crisis has heightened the dangers posed by the global trade in some illicit trade products. Serious health and safety issues arise when people order fake products online but not only. Indeed, illicit trade products also represent a direct threat to the environment and to a healthy sustainable economy as the producers of those goods do not follow environmental norms. In this context, models such as the blue economy are of high importance and need to gain more visibility. “Offering more with less” is one of the blue economy fundamental principles. This paves the way to innovative business models promoted by sustainable organizations. Fighting illicit trade in the era of sustainability is of particular importance for such entities dedicated to the preservation and wellbeing of the ocean, as the scale of production is reduced from global to local. In such a context, the resilience capacity of local manufacturers is one challenging issue that has to be addressed.

Thus, governments need to ensure the legitimate and safe provenance of goods regarding health and environmental issues. In the context of COVID-19, pharmaceutical products, both online and in pharmacies need to be tracked so that citizens can trust the medicines they use. Then, governments need to take effective action to promote circular economy models and counter illicit trade, and support governance frameworks to lower the incidence of such trade in the blue economy field.

As noted in the March 2020 G20 Trade and Investment Ministerial Statement – that also applies to the blue economy – it is crucial to keep trade and investment flowing and essential supply chains functioning, while emphasizing the importance of transparency in the current environment.


Date & TimeNovember 12th 2020
03:00 pm CET
TitleFighting illicit trade by promoting the blue economy in the age of sustainability
Speakers– Carlos Moreira: Secretary-General, OISTE Foundation
– Daniela V. Fernandez : Founder and CEO of the Sustainable Ocean Alliance
– Christopher Wasserman: President, Zermatt Summit Foundation
– Alvise Giustiniani: Vice President, Illicit Trade Prevention, Philip Morris International
– Gunter Pauli: Director, ZERI and initiator of the blue economy concept
– David M. Luna: President and CEO, Luna Global Networks & Convergence Strategies LLC

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