Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia, to attend Zermatt Summit 2011

Wikipedia founder, Jimmy Wales and the 2003 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Shirin Ebadi, are among leading international figures to have confirmed participation at the 2 nd Zermatt Summit (June 16-18).

Co-founder of fairtrade label Max Havelaar, Francisco Van der Hoff; President of the Institute for Liberty and Democracy, Hernando de Soto; and Chairman of Essilor International, Xavier Fontanet, will also join over 200 CEOs, economists, politicians and NGO representatives in attendance.

The Summit aims to encourage fairer forms of globalization and demonstrate their economic viability. This year’s theme for the event is “Servant Leaders”.

In today’s world, leaders are in a favorable position to influence the evolution of society and stimulate the emergence of new practices in their respective fields of activity,

said President and co-founder of the Zermatt Summit, Christopher Wasserman.

Thus business leaders carry a specific responsibility towards what happens in their organization especially in terms of putting back the person at its center and favoring the Common Good.

Some two dozen keynote speakers are scheduled during the three-day program. Jimmy Wales will discuss access to knowledge as one of humanity’s main resources, and Shirin Ebadi will focus on the need to develop world justice. Hernando de Soto expands on political reforms required to promote development in poor countries, and Francisco Van der Hoff will present fairtrade as an example of a new and sustainable business model.

The Zermatt Summit is the primary platform aimed at changing the hearts and minds of leaders by developing alternative models for a sustainable, more humane world.


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