Zermatt Summit Declaration on the Common Good to humanize globalization

The Zermatt Summit Foundation Board members unveil the Zermatt Summit Declaration as a strong commitment towards the common good.

Since Thursday June 21st, Zermatt Summit has welcomed 150 international leaders from the worlds of economics, politics, spiritual and civil society.

After a first day of debates and illustrations of concrete actions, in the presence of Ambassador Pierre Morel, European Union Representative for Central Asia and Jean-Louis Cardinal Tauran, President of Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue, Christopher Wasserman, President of the Zermatt Summit Foundation revealed the Zermatt Summit Declaration the objective of which is to commit political leaders to the action towards the Common Good.

The Zermatt Summit Declaration is a crucial act that reinforces the action of the Foundation. It edicts a range of affirmations and involvements through 12 articles. Thus, on its fourth article, the board members

are convinced that the resolution of the present crisis depends on greater acceptance of responsibility and determined commitment by each individual to promote the common good in a spirit of service and love. This appeal is all the more urgent in that the great challenges facing humanity are becoming more threatening.

Sign the declaration on the common good to humanize globalization

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