Zermatt Lab

Inspiring leaders and finding creative ways to humanize corporations.


The word company has its origin in the latin word companio “companion, one who eats bread [pane] with you”. Company members share a common purpose and unite in order to focus their various talents and organize their collectively available skills or resources to achieve specific declared goals.

The Zermatt Lab offers a platform to reflect on ways a corporation can enable its members to “share this common purpose and unite”, and build a better world.

Developing together the Zermatt Lab and its cutting-edge programs, sister foundations Zermatt Summit and Ecophilos establish genuine dialogue between corporate leaders of today and tomorrow, artists, humanists, technologists, visionaries, spiritual leaders and policy makers in order to drive the following concepts:


Finance, innovation and entrepreneurship serving the economy
Economy serving the Common Good
The Common Good serving the human being.


Zermatt Series

Half-day conferences in key international cities

Ecophilos Summer Camp

2-days summer camp dedicated to Switzerland for young leaders (French speaking)

Cercles Ecophilos

Monthly meetings based on keynotes, debates, workshops providing transformational impact

Ecophilos Executive Education

3-days executive seminar for corporate executives and entrepreneurs

More information on these programs will come soon